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Intolerance in Mantua, Utah

I read this Letter to the Editor in the Standard Examiner newspaper in Utah today.  It’s sad that we have these kind of people living in our country.  Shown below are the comments to the letter people posted on the newspaper website.  The comments give me hope that not all Utahans are like this.  Feel free to leave your comments.

Sen. Obama is anti-American

This country may be on the verge of a catastrophic tragedy that could change the United States and all that our Founding Fathers gave to us as a legacy including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., if Barack Hussein Obama is elected as president.

We can kiss the United States of America, as we know it, goodbye, and usher in the United Socialists States of North America. Barack Hussein Obama is not only not African-American, as he claims, but is anti-American.

At the onset of his campaign, he would not wear an American flag in his lapel; would not pledge allegiance to the flag and would not stand with his hand over his heart as the flag passed by. He was evidently advised by his handlers to change that attitude and fast!

All I ever hear from Hussein Obama is “your fault, your fault, etc.” I never hear him offer a solution. What you will get from Hussein Obama is higher taxes to pay for his socialistic plans for Americans.

Having traveled to some foreign countries, I have seen what cradle-to-grave coverage means and we Americans won’t like it! Hussein Obama is a “the-end-justifies-the-means” artist. “Barack Hussein Obama” on White House presidential stationary? Puleeeze, gimmie a break!

Ben U. Smith
Mantua, UT

By: Carl Evers @ 10/11/2008, 3:39 PM

Well Ben U. Smith of Mantua, when I read your comments, I wanted to puke. It’s because of people like you that Utah has a reputation around the country as a state that is full of bigots, racists, and generally intolerant people. I am embarrassed that I have to live in the same state with someone like yourself who is truly unAmerican. When Barack Hussein Obama is elected President of my United States of America, I hope you will take this momentous occasion to pack your bags and leave the country. Your hatred and bigotry is not welcome in my state or my country.

By: dano @ 10/11/2008, 3:36 PM

Sly. Sit down with some fried chicken and watermelon,do some research on the candidates and shut your damn mouth you moron!!

By: Joel S @ 10/11/2008, 3:27 PM

Quoting from your letter: “Barack Hussein Obama on White House presidential stationary? Puleeeze, gimmie a break!” That statement is about as un-American as you can get. What has a name got to do with anything as far as being American. This country was founded by people with all kinds of different names. You also blasted Obama for being a socialist, yet, your own candidate (I’m assuming is McCain”) is proposing that the government buy up all of the delinquent home loans. Most of these loans were given to people who shouldn’t have qualified for them in the first place or to people who were looking to cash in on the crazy housing market gold rush. Who do you think is going to pay for such a large undertaking. YOU and me! If you don’t think taxes will go up as a result of such actions you are very naive. You say you have never heard Obama offer solutions. That is apparently because you are covering your ears and eyes because he has offered more specific plans than McCain has. It sounds like you listen to Sean Hannity way too much. I hope you get a chance to open your eyes and ears and actually listen to the proposed actions of the two individuals who are running for president. It may result in an educated vote instead of one based on biased talk-radio garble.

By: Sly @ 10/11/2008, 3:06 PM

WOW about the only things you didn’t call him were #*&! and Arab Muslum. How good it must be to be a rasist hate mongering pathetic piece of crap like you.

People like YOU are whats wrong with this country NOT people like Obama. And as always just WHAT does his middle name have to do with anything. Did you pck your middle name?

Whats the U stand for? Urislla?

He explained the pin issue not that you can read outside of the Beck or Rush reports. He didn’t put his hand over his heart at the NATIONAL ANTHEM NOT THE PLEDGE YOU IDIOT!!! You are not required to do so so I guess you hate about half the crowd and most of the players at sporting events who don’t do it either right?

If you never hear him give solutions then you aren’t listening or actually you REFUSE to listen so that’s your fault not his. You don’t want to hear so you try and claim he has none well NO YOU DON’T WANT TOT HEAR IT big difference pal.

People like you disgust me. Stay up in MAntua where you belong.

By: mel @ 10/11/2008, 2:28 PM

The end-justifies-the means is my comment from 10/8. I have copied and pasted, as there is a running discussion about who “doesn’t think” and gets all their info from the media. So, here is the original thought.

By: mel @ 10/08/2008, 8:10 AM

Dave, you’re right, but Clinton didn’t advertise himself as being holier than anyone else. Also, Clinton’s problems don’t lessen Bush’s. And Bush’s hypocrisy makes it worse.

I also think starting unjustified wars, getting Hamas and Hezbollah elected, and strenthening Iran are the opposite of Christian. The end-justifies-my- means is not considered ethical anywhere outside of the Bible, where the person-who-wins-is-favored-of-God.

It will be very interesting explaining to Jesus the reasons why you fell for Neocon philosophy. All they want is money and to force their views on the world. Subverting the one truly democratic and free country in the world for their purposes. The only true thing Bush ever said was “Vladimir Putin is my soul mate”.

Complicated – It’s much easier for me to imagine Christ forgiving Bill Clinton
than Bush / Cheney.

By: Nick @ 10/11/2008, 1:12 PM

Smith’s letter is the ultimate expression of un-American thinking.

Racist, willfully ignorant, hateful and error-filled.

Mr. Smith is no doubt impervious to factual information, so let me just say to him…

President Obama will respect your right to believe nutty things. You can spend the next four years hugging your AM radio and muttering angrily to yourself in complete peace.

By: Mike @ 10/11/2008, 11:31 AM

The lunacy of this letter!!!

Let’s look at what has transpired over the last eight years of REPUBLICAN presidential control and 6 years of REPUBLICANS controlling both houses.

We have seen an invasion of a sovereign nation without cause, the END of Habeous Corpus, the condoning of torture, illegal wiretaps which thanks to BOTH parties now retroactively legalizes the warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens and protects the telecos from ANY legal liability. Gutted bankrupcy laws that benefit the SAME financial institutions currently being bailed out while preventing JOE SIX PACK from saving their mortgages which BTW… these SAME financial institutions had to FORECLOSE ON and now are destroying them. The COMPLETE REDISTRIBUTION of TAXPAYER wealth to the robber barrons who were ENABLED by DEREGULATING REPUBLICANS and to a smaller extent demos, and now… nationalized banks. YET…. you call the Obama a “SOCIALIST”?!?!


Mr. Ben U. Smith, you may be able to give the likes of haniitylimbaughbeck that anal infusion of smoke but to those who are educated, informed and care about the Country NOT the party, you comments are pure racist drivel.

By: Bruce @ 10/11/2008, 11:11 AM

Wow. What a podunk racist.

And by the looks of it, Mr Smith, you’re not exactly American either. I mean, look at your name. It’s hardly indigenous. I’d dare to say your family probably came from somewhere within just a few thousand miles of the middle east (anywhere in Europe is). And you probably practice one of those Semitic, abrahamic desert religions, one of which is Islam. So unless you’re native American, you are hypocritical to insinuate that someone else doesn’t belong here, as you have so blatantly done by emphasizing Senator Obama’s given middle name.

Mr Smith, it is people like you who are anti-American. Your grandchildren will look upon your beliefs in shame, embarrassed by your close-mindedness and repulsed by your lack of acceptance and understanding for people of different backgrounds from yourself. Barack Obama may not be (and I’ll be VERY surprised if I’m wrong) white like you, a NASCAR enthusiast like you, or he may not even like hunting wolves from helicopters (like Palin), but we’ll see if he’s american enough come election day.

For the record, I’m white, mostly conservative, but mostly tired of 8 years of GOP corruption and George W Bush, who has done more to damage our country than any other president. It is GW Bush who has turned the American Dream into a nightmare. I think I’ll take my chances with Barack Hussein Obama, and I bet there are more who agree with me than with you. So enjoy the next couple months while you can, McCain/Bush supporters, because payback’s a b!tch.

Gobama ’08


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