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Lynn Samuels Show – The Final Shows + Tribute


Here are some of Lynn’s final shows you can download from the folder link below. All are MP3 format with commercials. If you have any shows to share, please provide a link in the comments section. I wish I had more shows to offer. If you haven’t see it, here’s Lynn’s obituary from the New York Times. As you see below, I have added some more links for comments about Lynn from Mike Malloy, Democracy Now, and Mike Feder.

There are more Lynn archives available at Radio New York International. Please check it out and leave Dan a thank you comment for posting the audio.

Other Items of Interest:

  • Walter Sabo, President of Sabo media, posted a nice Tribute to Lynn Samuels on called Passion for Pistachio.

You can follow me on Twitter @sameritech Be well everyone. Enjoy Lynn’s shows.

All of the shows listed below and can be found in my an archive folder here.

4 Sep 2011
10 Sep 2011
11 Sep 2011
17 Sep 2011
24 Sep 2011
25 Sep 2011
1 Oct 2011
2 Oct 2011
8 Oct 2011
6 Nov 2011
12 Nov 2011
13 Nov 2011
19 Nov 2011
20 Nov 2011
26 Nov 2011
27 Nov 2011
3 Dec 2011, Partial Show
10 Dec 2011
11 Dec 2011
18 Dec 2011, – Lynn’s Final Show
26 Dec 2011, Mike Malloy Show mentioned Lynn’s passing at the start of his radio show.
27 Dec 2011, “Lynn Remembered” – Richard Bey/Alex Bennett Lynn Samuels Tribute Show (Thanks Amy W.)
**27 Dec, 2011, Amy Goodman made a short comment on Democracy Now regarding Lynn’s death. You can see it here, mentioned on the last minute of the show.
**29 Dec 2011, Mike Feder had a wonderful remembrance episode during his Progressive Radio Network “The Turning Point” show. Check it out. For those of you wondering, the final song Mike played on this show was Rufus Wainwright “Hallelujah”. Very nice closing to the show.
31 Dec 2011, Mike Feder did a tribute of Lynn during his show on SiriusXM. He did two hours of Lynn stories and taking calls.
1 Jan 2012, Lynn’s former WABC colleague Bob Grant had John Manelli on and took calls about Lynn.  If you missed it, the Podcast on the WABC website (starts 50 minutes into it). Thanks Eric!


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