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Americans just don’t care…about each other

If you come upon a a driver who has been injured in a car accident, most people would stop and help. Whereas if you have a fellow American citizen without health care who is dying because they can’t afford health care or were denied coverage, most people do nothing. Why is that?

What happened to our United States that we don’t provide a basic human right for each other, such as affordable health care for our citizens? England, France, and Canada do, why don’t we? Are you not willing to collectively pay a little more in taxes so all of us are covered? We all pay a little in taxes so we all have clean drinkable water from our faucet. We all pay a little in taxes so we have paved roads, police/fire service, and a sewage system. But when it comes to health care, which everyone needs sometime in their life, we do nothing. That is why Americans just don’t care…about each other.

Greedy, profit driven companies and corrupt politicians have ruined this country. Complacent citizens have contributed to the problem.


December 22, 2009 - Posted by | Current Events, Health, Money, News, Random

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  1. Thank you kindly for the Lynn air checks, especially as I could not find any of the recent ones I recorded… too many hard drives to check and too little I kept of late.

    I had to re-do part of my pre-recorded XMAS show to mention her passing to my audience as Lynn has been a staple of my radio diet for some 30 years, I shall post a link to your page at the New York Radio Message Board and on my site, so others may find this treasure trove of one of my favorite acerbic air talents. Thanks again, I’ll surely share some excerpts of these shows in two weeks when I do my next show.

    Lynn and ‘The Hitch’ in one month, the world has truly become a less literate and entertaining place with their loss. Thanks once more!

    John Lightning Radio NewYork International (America’s REAL Free Speech Difference)

    Comment by John Lightning | December 26, 2011 | Reply

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