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Some McCain-Palin supporters disrespectful until the end

In the final weeks and days of the Presidential election, McCain-Palin and some of their supporters showed a keen talent for lies, deception, ignorance, bigotry, racism, and general disrespectfulness toward Barak Obama.  We all remember the “kill him” comment yelled during a Palin speech and the “terrorist” shout out at another campaign rally which went unchallenged and completely ignored.  Then we had the ignorant blond lady with the messy hairdo who was handed the microphone at a McCain rally and proceeded to spread the lie that Obama was a Muslim (which McCain half-heartedly disputed and insinuated Obama was a “good man” and not a Muslim).  As if being a Muslim was a bad thing.  I’m glad Colin Powell called McCain out on that about a week ago.  That did not stop Tuesday night when McCain made his concession speech after it was clear he had lost his bid to continue 4 more years of Republican failed policies.

After McCain stated he called Barak Obama to congratulate him, the crowd booed loudly.  I will give McCain partial credit for his half-hearted attempt to quiet the disrespectful boos but just like the insightful shout-outs during the speeches and the dumb blond “Muslim” comment, he did not call out his supporters for their actions or simply say they were wrong for behaving that way.  That seemingly insignificant lack of action demonstrates why the McCain-Palin campaign was a failure.

Contrast the McCain-Palin supporter’s disrespectfulness with Obama’s supporters cheering louding as Obama stated he received a gracious call from Senator McCain who fought long and hard in the campaign.  He congratulated McCain-Palin for all they have achieved.  He went on to call McCain a brave and selfless leader and commended him for his service to the country.

McCain-Palin and Republican supporters in general could learn a few things by listening to any one of Obama’s speeches.  They might learn that liberal is not a bad word and the left won because the right is wrong.

Here are the speeches if you didn’t hear/see them last night.  Feel free to leave your comments.

McCain concession speech

Partial Obama concession speech


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  1. What was reflected at those rallies on TV was nothing to “the darts” my friends and family threw at to me, being the only democrat among dedicated republicans. I played the defense well.

    Researching, I found Gov. Palin talking about witches which made me think extremist. But after reading that Gov. Palin slashed the Alaska Special Olympics program monies by 20% in ’08 that was it. It’s not about religion, race or gender, it’s about principality.

    Comment by Curious | November 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree the McCain supporters were rude and inconsiderate in their booing and shouting, but I don’t think McCain “half-heartedly” attempted to quiet them. He very clearly signaled to them that that sort of behavior was unacceptable.

    In contrast, your criticizing him for doing it “half-heartedly” and saying that his actions represent why his campaign was a failure is just as disrespectful as the booing supporters. The Obama supporters cheering about McCain giving a phone call doesn’t show respect for McCain. It just shows they were happy McCain conceded.

    McCain and Obama both had very polite speeches that praised each other and I’m sure both parties have their share of rude and ignorant people.

    Comment by Some Dude | November 6, 2008 | Reply

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