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1) Was against the Bush tax cuts; now is for making them permanent and even bigger.

2) Was against the GI Bill; now is for the GI Bill.

3) Was for immigration reform; now is against immigration reform – and repudiated his own prior position on immigration reform.

4) Opposed the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill – which had his name on it.

5) Was for gay marriage, and then opposed gay marriage.

6) Was for Roe v. Wade, then was against Roe v. Wade; then for it, sort of; then against it, sort of.

7) Was for storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain; then was against it.

8. In 2000 was for military action against rogue states; now is against it, EXCEPT for Iran….which he sings about bombing and says it’s good to sell them cigarettes so we can kill them.

9) Negotiating with North Korea; was against it; then for it, especially when Bush did it.

10) Negotiating with Castro’s Cuba – in 2000 was for it, now against it.

11) No negotiating with terrorists except when Colin Powell went to Syria in 2002 and when, in 2006, said we’d eventually have to deal with Hamas.

12) Unilateral military action against terrorists in Pakistan – against it when Obama said it was good; for it when Bush did it in the spring of 2008.

13) Warrantless wiretaps – against them 6 months ago; for them now.

14) Torturing detainees – always against it; since he was tortured he should know. Now, in favor of torturing detainees.

15) Perpetual detention of detainees – bad a few years ago, good now.

16) Iraq – the right course in 2004; stay the course in 2005 and now he was always against the flawed strategy – especially when Rumsfeld was there.

17) Estate tax – for it in 2006; against it now.

18. 2004 – for privatizing Social Security; 2008 against privatizing Social Security.

19) February 2008 promised a balanced budget in 4 years. April 2008 said it will take 8 years. June 2008…..back to 4 years. [And, since he is now for the Bush tax cuts, balancing the budget EVER will be impossible.]

20) In 2008 – first glad to look at oil windfall profits tax; then it’s a bad idea – Jimmy Carter’s bad idea.

21) In 2000 – no new offshore oil drilling; now, just very recently, it’s a great idea.

22) In 2000 – attacked Bush fundraising leaders; in 2006 had some of the same people co-chair his own fundraisers.

23) In 2000 – Jerry Falwell was an “agent of intolerance”; in 2006 McCain delivered the commencement address at Falwell’s Liberty University and in 2008 McCain was big buddies with Rev. Hagee and Pastor Parsley.

24) Opposed and voted against the Martin Luther King holiday; now says he was for it.

25) 1986 – opposed South African divestment to attack apartheid; June 2008, praised it.

26) In 2000 – defended South Carolina’s Confederate flag as a symbol of heritage; in 2002 said it should come down and it was an “act of political cowardice to not take it down.”

27) 2000 – against teaching creationism in schools; 2005 – alternatives to evolution should be taught.

AND HE’S ATTACKING OBAMA AS A FLIP-FLOPPER??!!?? Those living in glass houses……


July 16, 2008 - Posted by | Current Events, Fun Stuff, News, Politics

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  1. It’s about time our country was represented by someone other than an old rich white man. I am a white male, but there’s something scary to me about how these men have continued to spiral our country closer to ‘separate but unequal.’

    Comment by roadpoet | August 9, 2008 | Reply

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