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What companies do you boycott and why?

Here’s an interesting question:

Do you boycott companies that don’t line up with your values or have wronged you in some way?

A few examples of this I can think of:

  • A person who believes in protecting the environment refuses to shop at a retailer known for harmful environmental practices.
  • Someone who avoids a company because some of their policies are unfair in that person’s view (for instance, many people think Wal-mart’s policies towards its workers are unfair.)
  • A couple who doesn’t buy from a particular manufacturer because that company promotes products that are inconsistent with their religious beliefs.
  • People who don’t support certain businesses because of what those businesses don’t do (such as they don’t offer benefits to same-sex partners.)

Are there any companies you refuse to do business with because of their stance/actions? Who are they and why do you boycott them?

I’ll start this off. I currently boycott Wal-mart, Fox News, and Jiffy Lube.

First I’ll start with Wal-mart. I’ve had more than a few unhappy experiences at Wal-mart. In addition to not liking the store for the damage they do to the businesses around them, low wages, lack of health care for all employees, and forbidding of organizing by their employees (unions), I’ve had repeated bad shopping experiences there. Long lines is not a fair trade off for saving 75 cents on a bag of dog food. Can’t they afford to open some more checkout lanes before the line gets 20 customers deep? After all, it’s not like they pay their employees much above minimum wage. (No disrespect to employees of Wal-mart. I have no issues with the people who work there. It’s better to have a minimum wage paying job at Wal-mart than no job at all. My problem is how the company treats it’s employees and the damage it does to a community.).

There was one time about a year ago I shopped there out of convenience and bought a bunch of stuff for my office. A couple of days later I went to another store just for kicks to check out their prices for the exact same items. Out of the 13 items I bought at Wal-mart, 11 items were cheaper at the other store. I was so aggravated, I returned all 13 items and haven’t shopped at Wal-mart since. Low prices my ASS. How does a company who supposedly offers low, low prices still make a gagillian dollars in profit every year? I really dislike Wal-mart.

Next is Fox News. That news network (and I use that term very loosely) is very far right biased. I’ll admit, other networks like CNN and MSNBC are not totally innocent, but neither network is in the league of Fox News. The outright lies and right-wing propaganda that spew out of that news department is pathetic. Just this week, anchor John Gibson joked at the death of Heath Ledger because he played a gay guy in the film Brokeback Mountain. See my previous post on the subject. How disrespectful is that? I’ve always said that if the acronym CNN wasn’t already used, Fox News could use it and call themselves the Conservative News Network. Then they could change their catch phrase to: Fox News, we lie you decide. Or Fox News, we lie you idiots watch us.

Jiffy Lube, it may be convenient, but I don’t need some jackass trying to sell me (each time I go there) an overpriced set of windshield wipers, a fuel injection thrust cleaning, a radiator reverse flush, an A/C recharge, or a brake fluid stabilizer (or whatever dumb ass phrase they use). There was a time I did go to Jiffy Lube out of convenience. But after repeatedly getting harassed over and over again to purchase one add-on service after another, that wasn’t needed, I just got tired of it. I would say no to one item, they would mention another, and another, and another, and another. They would go down their list of overpriced services and I would have to reply with no, no, no, no, and no. And it would happen each time I went there, guaranteed. It got to a point that I would always answer the right answer after every question.

Mr. Evans, when was the last time you had your fuel injector cleaned? Last month, I don’t need it done again. Next. Mr. Evans, when was the last time you had your cooling system reversed flushed? I did that last week, I don’t need it done again. Next. Mr. Evans, when was the last time you had your dip stick serviced? None of your business. Next. And it would go on and on. It felt like I was being cross examined in a court of law.

I finally just got tired of it and never went back. It’s been more than 4 years now and I’m happy to say my dip stick still sticks and my fuel injectors still spray (man, you have a dirty mind).

Anyway, please leave your reply if you have any companies you avoid. Tell me who they are and why you boycott them.


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  1. I also do not shop at Wal-Mart. I do not care for their stores or the quality of some of their merchandise. Their business practices are my biggest issue, for the reasons stated above. No need to repeat.

    Kohl’s has slipped a lot recently. I have had multiple problems shopping online in the last several months. I have ordered items that they cancel a day or two later. In August 2007, I ordered an item that had a shipping surcharge. It never arrived. When I called to ask about it a month later, they treated me as if I was lying. It took me two months to get the cost of the item off my charge, they still have not completely reimbursed for the shipping. I did get a terse email stating they are done with the matter. I have not shopped with them since, skipping them for the entire holiday season, though I do not expect I will stay away forever.
    I do not shop at K-Mart often. That is because I will not ever buy a Martha Stewart product. She is one of many people who does not deserve a penny of my hard earned money! People can make it onto that list for a variety of reasons: Martha, because of the way she treats people {a smug air of superiority is not endearing!}
    Madonna {I’ll never forget a local news story that showed girls as young as 8, my daughters age at the time, dressed like Madonna for her concert. Their mothers were SO proud of them! I was so disgusted.}
    Dennis Rodman {who wants their child emulating him?},
    Jose Canseco {ditto},
    any rapper who spews hatred for police or disdain for women.
    Britney Spears, for reasons too numerous and obvious to list.
    Another issue I have is with celebrities as sudden experts in other areas to cash in on their name and fame.
    I do not need the latest perfume because it is named for the celebrity du jour.
    I do not need cooking advice from Naomi Judd or health & fitness advice from Suzanne Somers.
    Jenny McCarthy and Cindy Crawford giving birth made them parenting experts?
    Madonna wanted more money so she started writing children’s books and became a cardigan sweater wearing Mother of the Year. It doesn’t get much more unbelievable than that.

    Comment by Laura | January 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. I never take my cars to any fast service place. After getting an oil drain plug cross threaded by a power tool, my car leaked oil ever after. It was too expensive to fix on an old car, I sold it.
    Never again.
    I try to avoid Wal-Mart also. The prices aren’t that great. The aggravation of just driving on the lot is good discouragement. An awful lot of people must like the abuse though, it is always packed! Why?!?!?!?!?

    Comment by Paula | January 25, 2008 | Reply

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