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2002 Utne Reader Independent Press Award Winners

Below is a list of the 2002 Utne Reader Independent Press Award Winners.

General Excellence, Magazines
The Nation

A lively weekly venue for debate on politics and culture.

General Excellence, Newsletters
The Hightower Lowdown

Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazier’s populist-inspired monthly zeroes in on political issues that affect everyday people and chronicles how grassroots America is making its voices heard.

General Excellence, Zines
King Cat Comics

Sweet, slow stories about the small epiphanies of life told with a few careful lines?both in text and illustration.

Cultural/Social Coverage
Punk Planet

Punk Planet augments its rock music coverage with thoughtful and stirring views on many subjects from travelers, activists, and do-it-ourselves mavens.

Political Coverage
The Progressive

Published in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1909, The Progressive persistently probes for issues, ideas, injustices, and inspiration that don’t get a fair hearing in the major media.

Ethnic Issues Coverage

ColorLines, a handsome quarterly, offers detailed reports and clear analysis about issues of racial justice on many fronts.

Arts/Literature Coverage (tie)
Art Journal

Visually compelling without glitz, rich in ideas without succumbing to art-theory-speak, Art Journal presents substantial essays and wide-ranging Q & As that bring readers deep into the minds of today’s artists.

The Comics Journal
Equal parts trade publication, fanzine, and arts and culture review, this well-edited publication is sure to please anyone who takes comics the least bit seriously.

Spiritual Coverage
Mountain Record

The Catskills-based Mountain Record is a quarterly Zen Journal that covers mystical wisdom everywhere, from the arts and ecology to business.

International Coverage
New Internationalist

Published since 1970 in Oxford, England, the New Internationalist covers every corner of the globe with a keen eye for significant political, social, and cultural developments. It is truly a window on the world, especially those parts seldom seen in most news coverage.

Personal Life Coverage
Natural Home

Colorado-based Natural Home, a bimonthly magazine of earth-inspired living, is a practical and elegant guide for people who want to make their homes more beautiful, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Local/Regional Coverage
The Brooklyn Rail

From the streets of Brooklyn, this quarterly tabloid consistently provides fresh and substantial coverage of the borough’s arts, literature, and local politics.

New Paradigm/Culture Coverage
Fourth Door Review

A provocative and visionary British magazine aimed at breaking down barriers ?between ecology and technology, land art and digital crafts, music and media.

Science and Environmental Coverage
E Magazine

Bimonthly E Magazine reports on human ecology at macro and micro levels alike, offering practical information for living more sustainably.

Student/Youth coverage
Silicon Valley De-Bug

The voice of the young and temporary, this bilingual (English/Spanish) publication is created by people who work or have worked on the low-wage end of Silicon Valley.

Reporting excellence
Mother Jones

Mother Jones continues to publish groundbreaking stories on matters affecting all of us, from the environment and criminal justice to global economics.

Writing excellence
The American Scholar

This consistently engaging journal of essays, poetry, and reviews offers sustenance for readers who are in the very best sense of the word middlebrow intellectuals.

New Titles

Fun for anyone interested in how-to-do-it projects and decorating, quarterly ReadyMade encourages the young and not-so-rich to become creative with the world around them.

Design excellence
Yoga Journal

The clean typography, elegant artwork, and peaceful layout of the bimonthly Yoga Journal leave readers feeling they’ve just completed a personalized session of poses.

Online Political Coverage

A San Francisco-based online news service launched by the Independent Media Institute, AlterNet provides a mixture of news, opinion, and investigative journalism. They earned particularly high marks for their timely and in-depth coverage of 9/11 and the war on terrorism.

Online Cultural Coverage
Killing the Buddha

A three-way partnership between a former truck driver, a Webmaster, and a self-professed sinner, this online religious magazine is geared to people who are anxious when near churches, yet are somehow drawn to talk of God.


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