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2001 Utne Reader Independent Press Award Winners

Below is a list of the 2001 Utne Reader Independent Press Award Winners.

General Excellence (Magazines)
The Ecologist

Thought-provoking and strikingly designed, The Ecologist, a London-based monthly devoted to ‘rethinking basic assumptions,’ constantly reminds us that much of the damage we do to the natural world stems from our unquestioning faith in the ideology of unlimited economic growth.

General Excellence (Newsletters)
PR Watch

From Madison, the progressive capital of the Midwest, comes PR Watch, the best source of information for all of us trying to unspin the frighteningly influential public relations industry.

General Excellence (Zines)
The Match!

Fred Woodworth has been doggedly producing this incendiary anarchist journal since long before the Ruckus Society made headlines. From Tucson, The Match! is as ranty and outrageous as any political zine, but distinguishes itself with meticulous research and remarkable reach.

Local Regional Coverage
Mountain Gazette

Mountain Gazette, a lively bimonthly from the Colorado Rockies, features strong opinions, humor, and a ton of local flavor, from its obituaries and birth announcements to its essays about life at high altitude.

Best New Title
Nervy Girl!

Based on the revolutionary idea that young women enjoy thinking about issues beyond makeup and boyfriends, the volunteer-produced Nervy Girl! celebrates women’s accomplishments.

Political Coverage
The American Prospect

In the crowded marketplace of political ideas, The American Prospect, a Boston-based biweekly for the liberal imagination, distinguishes itself with its analysis and sharp punditry.

Reporting Excellence
Mother Jones

It’s been another great year for the venerable San Francisco bimonthly. With its hard-edged reporting, Mother Jones consistently digs up compelling stories that would otherwise go unreported.

Cultural Coverage

A fine antidote to cynicism, Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures reports quarterly on everyday people doing important work that fosters social justice, economic democracy, peace, and environmental sustainability.

Writing Excellence
Michigan Quarterly Review

If you’re looking for strong literary nonfiction, turn to Ann Arbor’s Michigan Quarterly Review, which for four decades has been publishing some of the finest creative writing around.

Personal Life Coverage
Brain, Child

Only two years old, Brain, Child is the place to find fabulous essays and thoughtful commentary on raising children without losing your own passion for the life of the mind.

International Coverage

Founded 40 years ago in Uganda, Transition continues its long tradition of excellence as a venue for international writers covering Africa and the African diaspora.

Science Coverage
The Ecologist

Covering the big issues that face us all—like biotechnology, food quality, and climate change—The Ecologist encourages its readers to rethink their basic assumptions about the world.

Spiritual Coverage
Turning Wheel

A quarterly publication of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship in Berkeley, Turning Wheel has brought a thoughtful and personal perspective to peace activism for 23 years.

New Paradigm Coverage

Always ahead of the curve, this beautiful and substantial British bimonthly is an international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking. Resurgence informs, delights, and inspires.

Slow: The International Herald of Tastes

Tastefully translated and delectably designed, Slow is the Slow Food movement’s stunning second course. Gorgeous photos, classic type, and, mmmmm, just enough off-white space. Savor it slowly.

Arts and Literature Coverage
No Depression

A substantial bimonthly bridging roots music and the alternative country scene, No Depression is chock full of in-depth profiles, interviews, and music reviews.


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