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2000 Utne Reader Independent Press Award Winners

Below is a list of the 2000 Utne Reader Independent Press Award Winners.

General Excellence – Magazines
Mother Jones
After an excellent year in 1999, this venerable bimonthly keeps getting better. The San Francisco–based Mother Jones is one of the best chronicles of American life (and its discontents) now on the newsstand.

General Excellence – Zines
Punk Planet
You don’t have to love punk rock to be drawn into the orbit of Chicago’s Punk Planet, a bimonthly that features a wild array of articles on music, politics, the micro-press scene, and the do-it-yourself revolution now sweeping the land.

General Excellence – Newsletters
The Hightower Lowdown

Radio populist Jim Hightower is known for being equal parts witty and scathing—the volatile blend that also fuels The Hightower Lowdown, the nation’s only monthly update on political folly and corporate excess that’s funny and inflammatory in the same breath.

Reporting Excellence

If you like your nature writing based in fact rather than sentimentality, the bi-monthly Audubon, from the National Audubon Society, is a great source of well crafted, carefully reported articles on environmental issues.

Writing Excellence
The American Scholar

Ever thoughtful, never precious, The American Scholar, a Washington-based quarterly largely dedicated to essays and memoirs, proves once again that the life of the mind and mastery of the pen need not be separate careers.

Design Excellence

Striking an elegant balance between art and text, with a special emphasis on photography, Orion, a national quarterly dedicated to the Orion Society’s call for the “humane stewardship” of nature, is as much a joy to look at as it is to read.

Local/Regional Coverage
The Stranger

An arts and entertainment weekly stuffed with everything under the Seattle sun—at least when it shines—The Stranger does honor to the hallowed, irreverent, and just slightly sleazy tradition of the hip hometown tabloid.

Spiritual Coverage
Shambhala Sun

A handsome magazine of Buddhist practice and culture, Shambhala Sun never fears to venture into politics, psychology, and any other field where Buddha’s noble truths can shed light on contemporary reality.

International Coverage

Intelligent, provocative, and unpredictable, Transition, a quarterly based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, continues to amaze with its wide-ranging survey of the myriad subcultures at play in the modern world.

Political/Social Coverage

Ms., the venerated bimonthly out of Manhattan, may be the grande dame of American feminist periodicals, but it’s been ranging across the culture more like a lean huntress lately, turning out some of its smartest, most relevant commentary in decades.

Personal Life Coverage
The Bark

For anyone who thinks the canine cranium holds nothing but visions of fire hydrants and open car windows, we highly recommend The Bark, a Berkeley-based quarterly about life with dogs that’s engaging enough to bring even cat lovers to heel.

Cultural Coverage
Stay Free!

Tired of commodity culture gnawing away at your soul? Stay Free!, a nonprofit magazine based in New York, is fighting back by turning a critical eye on commercialism and the empire of advertising.

Science/Environmental Coverage
E Magazine

Whether reporting on biodegradable carpet, the illegal trade in macaws, or a planet that grows more steamy by the month, E, a Connecticut-based bimonthly founded a decade ago as a clearinghouse for environmental information, never fails to remind its readers that there are many ways, both big and little, to be green.

New Paradigm/Emerging Culture Coverage

The melding of the modern Western mind with an ancient sense of soul is the editorial alchemy underlying Lapis, a fascinating journal chronicling the modern search for meaning published three times a year by the New York Open Center.

Best New Title

Ambitious and messy in the best of ways, Clamor, a bimonthly out of Bowling Green, Ohio, written by and for young radical activists, harks back to the rough and ready alternative press of the 1960s.

Arts & Literature Coverage
Rain Taxi Review of Books

Perhaps the best vehicle around for reviews of small-press poetry and prose, the Minneapolis-based Rain Taxi is the ride of choice for anyone who wants to believe that literary criticism is a living art.


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