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No End in Sight DVD Review ****

This movie is for those people who believe President Bush and his administration made the right choices in the buildup to the Iraq war. It’s for those people who believe President Bush and his administration made the right choices after the war began. Finally, it’s for the people who have believed all along that this war was a mistake and must be ended now.

This must-see documentary shows the facts about the war from the people who were there when it started. The mistakes that were made are quite simply embarrassing. People who had no clue about foreign policy or how to give the Iraqi people “democracy” were selected for senior level positions within the Bush administration. What we read, see, and hear about everyday in the news regarding the Iraq was can be traced back to their mistakes in the early stages of the war. I believe history will look back at this time in our history and point blame and shame squarely on the shoulders of our current administration. Watch this film and decide for yourself.

This in-depth, award-winning documentary from filmmaker (and former Brookings Institution fellow) Charles Ferguson examines the decisions that led to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and the handling of the subsequent occupation by President George W. Bush and his administration. Featuring exclusive interviews with central players and detailed analysis, the film pulls no punches as it chronicles the twists and turns America took on the path to war.

Sameritech’s 4 star guide:

**** Loved it
*** Really liked it
** Average, but watchable
* Didn’t like it, wasted my time, would rather have watched a George Bush speech


November 9, 2007 - Posted by | Iraq, Military & War, Movies, Politics

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