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FL Rep. Kathy Castor is unresponsive to constituents

In the last 6 months I’ve written four letters to Representative Kathy Castor and neither she nor her staff has bothered to respond even though I asked for a reply each time.

As an active duty Air Force member I’ve maintained my residency and registered voting status in St Petersburg, FL and have voted in every election there for the last 9 years even though I’m no longer stationed in Florida. My letters to Rep Castor ranged from the war in Iraq to environmental issues. I wanted to know where she stood on the issues and what she was doing to fight for them. There was not one response to my letters and I’m not talking a lazy email message either, I took the time to prepare a typewritten letter each time which I signed and pleasantly asked for a reply at the end.

Apparently Rep Kathy Castor has not yet learned that one of the easiest ways to not get re-elected is to ignore the communication from your constituents. She’s mistaken to think that I’ll simply cast my next vote her way just because she’s a Democrat, without remembering how she ignored the letters I mailed to her office.


October 8, 2007 - Posted by | Current Events, Politics

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