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Melrose Place: Where Are They Now?

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When Heather Locklear began appearing as a special guest star on “Melrose Place,” she revved up the ratings and the innuendo on the show. Supershort hemlines and sassy retorts were Amanda’s staple and the short-term stay turned into a long-term gig. Since the show wrapped, Locklear has had some success in her acting career. She starred in “Spin City” for three seasons and was the headliner in the short-lived “LAX.”

Recently, Locklear made the tabloid headlines because of her love life rather than her acting. She divorced her husband, rocker Richie Sambora, in April 2007.


Today Josie Bissett is a parenting expert, author and mother of two. But, before she became the mom next door, she played Jane Andrews Mancini for the entire run of “Melrose Place,” a rare feat for the ever-evolving cast.

The apartment complex was drama-filled and Bissett’s character got no leniency. Her husband cheated on her and after their divorce, her husband had a fling with her irresponsible sister.


Kristin Davis is getting plenty of press these days because she is reprising her role as Charlotte York in “Sex and the City’s” jump from the boob tube to the big screen. Before she helped shape how single women talk about sex, Davis appeared on “Melrose Place.”

She stayed on the show only one season because producers found the audience hated her snarky character. But three years later, she landed the role that launched her career into the stratosphere.


“Melrose Place’s” resident heartthrob with a heart of gold Billy Campbell was played by Andrew Shue. Shue became a fan favorite. He left the show before its final season and since then has kept a low profile artistically.

Shue appears in the 2007 film “Gracie” as a soccer coach.


Kelly Rutherford was Megan Lewis on “Melrose Place.” After leaving the show she had a handful of reoccuring roles on several television shows and it looks as though 2007 might be her biggest year yet. Rutherford will play Lily van der Woodsen in the much hyped television show “Gossip Girl.”


Marcia Cross has hung her hat on two of television’s most infamous addresses: Melrose Place, and now the decidedly more suburban Wisteria Lane. Cross was Dr. Kimberly Shaw on “Melrose Place”, and now plays perfection embodied in housewife Bree Hodge. She hardly had a break between the two roles. She’s been busy professionally and now her personal life will be just as fun-filled, with the arrival of her fraternal twins Savannah and Eden in February.


“Melrose Place’s” Alison Parker was played by actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, and she’s been a busy girl since leaving the show. First, Thorne-Smith went to “Ally McBeal,” and then to “According to Jim.” Now she can add accomplished author to her resume, with the release of her first book, “Outside In,” in which she addresses her body image issues.


The stunning Laura Leighton, “Melrose Place’s” Sydney Andrews, married co-star and America’s favorite husband Doug Savant. Since leaving the world of prime-time soap drama, Leighton has made a name for herself on the prime-time crime drama circuit, appearing on shows like “Boston Legal,” “Law and Order: SVU” and “CSI: Miami.” She recently finished filming the horror-thriller “The Burrowers.”


His breakout role may have been as the gay character on “Melrose Place,” Matt Fielding, but Doug Savant still managed to land a wife out of the gig, actress and co-star Laura Leighton. And the role certainly didn’t hurt his career. Now Savant plays the ultimate hetero, hunky Doug Scavo– opposite Felicity Huffman– on “Desperate Housewives.”


Jack Wagner, “Melrose Place’s” Dr. Peter Burns, has kept busy, appearing as Dominick Marone on the CBS daytime drama “The Bold and The Beautiful” since 2003. Personally, he’s hit the jackpot– dating former co-star Heather Locklear.


Thomas Calabro is one of the few cast members to remain on “Melrose Place” for its duration. On the show he played the often dubious Dr. Michael Mancini. He was the character fans loved to hate. Mancini had a host of problems when it came to women. Actually, it really was just one — being faithful.

Today Calabro has placed his scheming characer aside as he has appeared in television shows like “Nip/Tuck” and “Cold Case.”


Today, actress Daphne Zuniga works for environmentally and socially friendly causes, like cleaning up toxic waste and counseling kids on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Before she became engrossed in charities, Zuniga starred on “Melrose Place” as Jo Reynolds for four seasons. After leaving the show, she guest starred in several television series.


Rob Estes met and married his “Melrose Place” co-star Josie Bissett. Though the two are now separated, they have two children and Estes continues to act. His latest roles were in “Women’s Murder Club” and a “CSI: Miami” episode.


Grant Show was “Melrose Place’s” bad boy hottie, who always rode in on his motorcycle. His character, Jake Hanson, was a fan favorite during Grant’s years on the show. Following its end, he starred in many TV movies and appeared on such shows as “Six Feet Under,” “Strong Medicine” and “Point Pleasant.”


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  1. thank you thank you for this interesting article.. i didnt know some cast members married each other.. 🙂

    Comment by vanessa | December 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. Jeezz I find myself obsessed with this show, buying the season and watchin it all in 2-3 days… i cant stop watching it. And alot of 20 yr old guys my age dun watch soap, im pretty sure thats near a fact…. but its a very original, well respected and in my opinion, in the top 3 best dramas of all time. My favourite character is Grant Show’s, Jake Hanson. It i hate when they dun show much of him. Like come on… Anyways I’ve been watc hin Melrose for a year…now its one of my favs of all time… I wanna meet triple h 10 yrs before i was inmtroduced to MP; meet alan jackson; bill goldberg; jim carrey etc. But now i want to meet Grant show more then neone…. i guess back in the 90’s he cud get just about ne girl lol. Well MP gets my applause and josie Bisset is the most beautiful girl on the show, i believe…. Giddy-Up!!!

    Comment by Brandon Hishon | April 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. you just conveniently left out Vanessa Williams. Uh, hello, she was an ORIGINAL cast member of the show, ya know!

    Comment by mo | May 20, 2008 | Reply

  4. One correction: Josie Bissett actually didn’t play Jane for the entire run. She left and came back.

    Anyway, this was a very nice article with some great images.

    Comment by Jim | July 26, 2008 | Reply

  5. They are cange, from they are in the moove!

    Comment by Sola | September 18, 2008 | Reply

  6. i hate to call people ugly but while half of the cast grew in grace the other grew in well…. must i continue.
    marcia look fine
    but jack looks in my opinion looks horrible.
    love the show.
    have all the seasons
    can’t believe soapnet turned off the reruns.

    Comment by erin | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  7. Was the Vanessa Williams in Melrose Place the same as the one from Ugly Betty? From what i no, and thought its not but my partner says it is. If so how much plastic surgury has she had done? She looks nothin like she did if its one and the same!

    Comment by Jasper | September 27, 2009 | Reply

    • No, the Vanessa Williams in Melrose Place is not THE Vanessa Williams (the singer and much more successful and gorgeous actress). They are two different people. Not only was she omitted from this discussion, but so were Lisa Rinna (who played Taylor McBride, one of the show’s best characters) and Amy Locane, also an original cast member. Brooke Langton (Samantha Riley) should have been included, too, along with Rena Sofer, who played Eve Cleary. Both gorgeous!! Also, Doug Savant’s character on Desperate Housewives is named Tom, not Doug! And Rob Estes and Josie Bissett were married BEFORE Melrose Place ever aired. They did not meet on the show.

      Comment by Jim | June 4, 2010 | Reply

  8. Wow,such a great post you have. I was just a kid when the show was on its peak of fame. I remember watching this show and still have some of the names’ casts in mind.
    But of all the shining stars, I adore Kelly Rutherford so much..
    And it’s amazing to be able to observe how much they’ve changed within 2 decades (is it right, 2 decades?)

    Comment by akhlis | October 10, 2009 | Reply

  9. Nice pics but that’s the lamest “English” I’ve ever read. Ever thought of night classes? Is your IQ even double digit? Don’t strain yourself!

    Comment by Buriet | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  10. ivil fld this site

    Comment by Josephapali | April 8, 2019 | Reply

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