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The most sensible strategy is to leave Iraq

Letter to the Editor from the Standard Examiner in Utah 4/11/07.

Any suggestion to this administration of a pullout in Iraq brings the same old worn-out incantation of fear: “There will be Armageddon and the enemy will come here.” Not likely, since there aren’t enough al-Qaida fighters to install a haven in Iraq.

Even if they did control the Sunni insurgents, they would be strongly opposed by Kurdish and Shiite forces who would fight al-Qaida.

Shiites and Sunnis cannot take each other’s territory since they lack heavy military equipment. And without our backing, the Kurds are less likely to fight Arabs.

Certainly the civil war would continue, and even expand. But all wars end. We had our civil war, Spain had one and, more recently, the one in Northern Ireland also ended.

President Nixon was smart enough to know the war in Vietnam, like this one, was unwinnable, and executed a troop withdrawal.

We cannot leave our troops in Iraq in perpetuity. We have sacrificed more than 3,000 American lives. Thousands more are crippled physically and mentally. Some of our troops are in their fifth turnaround and are burned out and ill-equipped. It is time to bring them home.

The answer we get is the same old rain dance: “Stay the course until we win.” What will we win? Forced democracy in that area, or oil rights or all terrorists eradicated? Tell us.

It is useless to continue down this bloody path due to administration ignorance, hubris and unbending dogma.

Dick Raun
Ogden, UT

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