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“Makes me feel like there’s hope in this world”

That quote came from a pleasant Barnes & Noble employee this evening as she rang up my purchase. I recently ordered several magazine subscriptions and I just couldn’t wait to start reading them. Since the issues usually start getting mailed about 3-6 weeks after the subscription is ordered, I decided to visit the local B&N and pick up copies of them now to get me by until my first issues arrive.

Anyway, the employee’s name from the receipt says she was “AlexT”. She was a short woman approximately 16-20 years old. As she rang up my magazines she says “I love it when people buy magazines like this, it makes me feel like there’s hope in this world”. I bought 6 magazines and I think she was referring to either Mother Jones or The Progressive when she said it. She briefly went on to say something to the effect of when she sees someone buy something with Ann Coulter on the cover, she wants to tell them no don’t do it.

The six magazines I bought are shown below. They’re all liberal/progressive magazines and when I hear a young teenager say what she said, well “AlexT”, it makes me feel like there’s hope in this world too.

The other periodical I ordered via subscription was Liberal Opinion Week. B&N doesn’t carry it but it’s definitely worth reading if you like liberal/progressive commentary by syndicated columnists and cartoonists.

April 3, 2007 - Posted by | Current Events, Environment, Iraq, Military & War, Politics

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