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Science according to the Bush administration

I read this in the Salt Lake Tribune today. They have a thumbs up and thumbs down column in the Opinion section of the Sunday paper. This one caught my eye.

Scientific method: Science, according to Webster: The state or fact of knowledge. Science, according to the Bush administration: The twisting of facts or knowledge by a political appointee to achieve a desired goal. Julie MacDonald, the Interior Department’s deputy assistant secretary for fish and wildlife and parks, repeatedly sought to “reshape” the agency’s scientific reports to protect landowners at the expense of endangered species, Interior’s inspector general reports. MacDonald has a degree in civil engineering, and no formal education in natural sciences. It reminds us of the former chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, who altered scientific reports to deny links between carbon fuels and global warming. He was an oil industry lobbyist before taking the job. Now he works for ExxonMobil.

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April 1, 2007 - Posted by | Current Events, Environment, Politics, Utah

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