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Many people like to read the opinion and political comic section of the newspaper. For some folks, it’s the only reason to read the paper these days. Well I recently got turned on to a weekly publication that provides a fantastic collection of all the Liberal/Progressive commentary from more than 40 syndicated columnists around the country. The publication is called Liberal Opinion Week.

I love it because it allows me to read the kind of opinion articles that appeal to me rather than going to my local paper which either has no Liberal/Progressive column or it only appears on Sundays. For example, the most recent issue of Liberal Opinion Week has 24 of the top weekly cartoons and 39 columns on all kinds of issues that are important to me as a proud Liberal/Progressive.

Anyway, below is a brief summary from their website which details all the types of articles you’ll see from week to week. Visit their website to learn more about it. You can even request a free sample issue.

Every Week Liberal Opinion Week publishes an average of 40 or more columns and 40 cartoons in an easy to read 32-page tabloid.

Liberal Opinion Week is beholden to no candidates or causes. We attempt to give our readers a broad range of liberal views covering civil, consumer, gay, and human rights, pro-choice, labor issues, corporate welfare and corporate fraud, government subsidies, racism, pollution, military spending, gun control, health and child care, social security, campaign reform, elections, national and global economy, military spending, education, urban renewal, foreign political developments, nuclear proliferation, and the religious right.

With all of the happenings on the political scene, Liberal Opinion Week remains the one source that keeps you fully informed.


March 26, 2007 - Posted by | Politics, Random

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