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National Geographic Society – The Green Guide

I was looking through my latest issue of The Nation Magazine and saw an ad for a publication called The Green Guide. It was bought by the National Geographic Society this month. After looking at the website, it looks like a really good publication for those of us wanting to live green or greener. Basically it’s a Consumer Reports for buying green. Below is a link to the website and the “about us” page from their website.

The Green Guide

As part of its ongoing mission to inspire people to care about the planet, National Geographic Society acquired the Green Guide in March 2007. Dubbed the “green living source for today’s conscious consumer”, The Green Guide is an invaluable resource for men and women, from young adults to grandparents, striving for a healthy and “greener” lifestyle. It is our collective vision that one day The Green Guide will be, for millions of consumers, the go-to source of information about practical everyday, environmentally responsible and health-minded product choices and actions. Our goal is to ensure that The Green Guide and serve as your most practical, reliable, and trustworthy content source for product choices and daily practices that are better for health and the environment.

With The Green Guide and, we are committed to providing information on a wide variety of environmental and health topics and to make them personally relevant. The editorial staff diligently seeks the facts and reports them, providing thorough and honest coverage of the issues and the solutions, and upholding the highest professional standards.

What makes The Green Guide unique?

  • Our web site: The dynamic database infrastructure allows the web site to expand in value as content is added. As an information clearinghouse that is centralized and easy to use, it provides tremendous added value to a subscription – a one-stop-information shop that is ready when you are.
  • Our print format: The Green Guide is published as an 12-page newsletter, available in print and downloadable PDF format. This makes it less expensive to produce and deliver than a magazine and quicker and easier to read.
  • Our editorial policy: In its reporting, The Green Guide maintains exemplary principles of fairness, objectivity, and responsible independent reporting.
  • Our health and environmental policy: We seek out the most environmentally responsible materials – paper, ink, etc – to produce The Green Guide, minimize our paper use in all other ways, return or recycle unusable electronic equipment, encourage our vendors to adhere to similar policies and in other ways seek to minimize our business’s adverse impact on the environment and health of its workers.
  • Our extensive research services: The Green Guide and the web site take much of the work out of behaving responsibly. By doing the research for you – and going to more depth than other information sources – we remove one of the biggest obstacles to behavior change, not knowing what to do.
  • Our readership: Readers of The Green Guide and are change agents. They take what they learn from The Green Guide, a Product Report or Smart Shopper’s Card and act on it.

Does The Green Guide endorse products?

The Green Guide’s team of researchers/reporters carefully reviews the science, the manufacturer’s detailed product information, their claims and third party certifications when developing the product recommendations and shopping suggestions you’ll find in our Product Reports and Smart Shopper’s Cards as well as many of our articles. These recommendations are not product approvals; we do not endorse products. Our aim is to inform and engage consumers to ask for and try those products in the marketplace that have been manufactured in such a way as to reduce the health and environmental impacts associated with one or more stages in their life cycle, from production through use and disposal. In this way, we hope to encourage more manufacturers to improve what they make and how they make it.

As The Green Guide does not have the capacity to test the performance of the products included in our shopping suggestions, we invite readers to compare how these products have worked for them relative to other conventional products in the category. These Reader Ratings help to round out the information about products that we can provide consumers.

March 21, 2007 - Posted by | Environment

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