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Utah Rocky Mountain Power – Blue Sky renewable wind energy

I was happy to notice a renewable energy option offered by my electric company, Rocky Mountain Power. The program is called Blue Sky and here’s how it works.

You can purchase wind energy in 100-kilowatt-hour (kwh) increments called blocks for an additional $1.95 per block per month. You can purchase any number of blocks you want per month. The average household (including my average) uses about 700 kwh per month. For an additional $13.65 per month, I can purchase 700 kwh, enough renewable energy to match all the energy my household uses. When I do this, the power company buys renewable energy on my behalf, equal to the number of kwh blocks I’ve purchased. My purchase increases the demand for electricity generated through renewable resources rather than traditional forms, such as coal, oil, or natural gas.

The renewable energy won’t necessarily be delivered to my home, but the clean energy I’ve purchased will be added to the western power grid, which in-turn replaces what I’ve used. So rather than the electric company replacing the power I’ve used with the traditional coal, oil, and gas, they replace it with clean power. My purchase helps spur even more renewable energy production and development. The program says purchasing one block offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) created by an average clothes dryer each month and purchasing seven blocks offsets the CO2 emissions the average light truck or SUV creates each month.

Anyway, I know Al Gore participates in this program and I’m glad I’m doing my small part to offset the SUV we drive. Check with your local power company and see if they offer a similar program. Yes, it costs a little more but the amount can easily fit into your monthly budget by cutting back in some other area, like a $3 coffee from Starbucks.

You can read more about the Rocky Mountain Power program here.

March 20, 2007 - Posted by | Environment

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  1. Rocky Mountain power is owned by Pacificorp, which is owned by Midamerican Energy, which is owned by berkshire Hathaway, wich is owned by Warren Buffet, the richest man in America. Why should I help him get richer? Why don’t his companies invest in more green energy without asking the consumers to foot the bill with nothing in return?

    Comment by Epishemore | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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