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Hollywoodland **

With a cast of stars including Ben Affleck, Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, and Bob Hoskins, I was expecting a lot more from this film. I remember seeing the trailer at the theater (one of the few times I actually went out to see a movie) and I thought to myself I have to see that movie. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations and gets a ** star average rating.

The acting was good enough but the story really wasn’t all that interesting. Similar to Oliver Stone’s JFK, Hollywoodland tries to create controversy and doubt regarding the circumstances behind George Reeves’ death. The film starts with Reeves death and uses flashback/forward clips to try and recreate the events that led up to the suicide. There are flashback fantasies by Brody of what might have happened when Reeves was shot. The principle evidence that it might not have been a suicide is Reeve’s mother who thinks “George would never do this”. Sorry but all the evidence points to the fact that he did kill himself, all on his won. So I guess his mother didn’t know her son as well as she thought. Also, part of the storyline follows Brody’s character and the difficult time he’s having trying to”connect” with his son. It had nothing to do with the Reeves death and I suspect the film’s writers had it in there to fill time since there wasn’t enough in the original story.

I actually fell asleep asleep at the end of this film and that was suppose to be the climax of the whole picture. Maybe I was just tired but I suspect it was more due to a plot that really wasn’t very captivating. Anyway, I give it ** stars more because I really like all the actors who were in the film rather than because I liked the film itself. Below is a brief synopsis of the film if you’re interesting in checking it out. The George Reeves Wiki post has more about him if you’re interested.

When George Reeves (Ben Affleck), the actor who famously played the Man of Steel in TV’s “Adventures of Superman,” turns up dead, a dogged private eye (Adrien Brody) investigates and unearths a string of strange secrets. Diane Lane and Bob Hoskins also star in this gritty noir-style drama based on the true story of one of Hollywood’s most infamous mysteries, a film that marks television director Allen Coulter’s feature film debut.

Sam’s 4 star guide:
**** Loved it
*** Really liked it
** Average
* Didn’t like it, wasted my time, would rather have watched a George Bush speech

March 18, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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