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BBC TV series “The Street” ****

I saw a very good review of this British series on another website and decided to give it a try. Quality wise, The Street compares to U.S. heavyweights in their prime such as NYPD Blue, E.R., and CSI. The concept is unlike others I’ve seen on U.S. television. Each episode is self contained within one household on one street in England. The characters don’t overlap for the whole episode as most standard shows do. We may see a character or two from another household but the primary story of each episode centers on that one household on “The Street”.

The characters are dynamic and the episodes masterfully tell the tale of that family’s trials of life. The only thing that takes some getting use to is understanding the obviously thick English accents. Sometimes it’s tough to tell what the character just said. Other than that, this is an excellent series and worth a rent.

Sam’s 4 star guide:
**** Loved it
*** Really liked it
** Average
* Didn’t like it, wasted my time, would rather have watched a George Bush speech

March 9, 2007 - Posted by | Television

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  1. Glad you liked it. I enjoyed the series (but then I am a Brit). Jimmy McGovern is a respected TV writer over here (Cracker, The lakes, Hillsborough). Sorry if the accents were a bit difficult to follow. I used to watch a comedy from Scotland some years ago and the accents were so thick and colloquial that I often had to resort to subtitles.

    Comment by emalyse | March 10, 2007 | Reply

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