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Bill Maher and Mormons (Latter-Day Saints)

As some of you may have heard, the Mormon religion (some experts say it’s actually a cult) is odd to say the least. Bill Maher made some interesting comments about it on his HBO Real Time show. Mitt Romney is a Mormon and he’s running for President. I’m glad to hear it, maybe now the media will highlight the facts about what Latter-Day Saints actually believe. I wonder what the rest of the country will think once they hear about the kind of person Joseph Smith really was. Historians have said Smith was an adulterer and a con-man. Some people say the man the LDS say was a profit was no more a messenger from God than David Koresh was. Why do the LDS put someone like Smith on a pedestal and worship him as a prophet. Welcome to the race Mr. Romney, tell us all about Joseph Smith. Listen to the clip from the show here

For the record, people have the right to believe any religion they want to. This post is in no way trying to take away or degrade anyones right to worship as they please.

February 23, 2007 - Posted by | Religion


  1. I am of the lds faith and i can say in full honesty that not one word of what Bill Maher said was true and that he should check his credentials.

    Comment by Dan | March 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. Ok, first of all…..who decied that one religion has the right to talk crap about another??? Especially Christians who are supposed to fallow Christs example…..I mean he was referred to as the “prince of Peace”…what is peaceful about about having websites dedicated to talking crap about mormons??? What is peaceful about preaching to a chapel full of people how mormons are an “evil cult” and should repent??? I know I know….they say “we do it out of love to show them the error of their ways”. Trust me, I’ve met with countless ministers of different sects of Christianity on several occasions and it is not done out of “love”. They spread lies weather they know it or not. They have a responsibility to the people they preach to, to actually do quality research and preach true things. They get their information from all the wrong places and the people who hear it eat it up. I was actually kicked out of a “christian” book store for being a mormon. I was minding my own business but through casual conversation with the stores employee they found out I was mormon and they kicked me out. Where is the Christianity in that??? Ever since then I’ve had zero tolerance for these people who “love” me enough that they want to save my soul. Who says my soul needs saving?? I mean they use the term often to prove mormonism is false “where does it say THAT in the bible”? Well my question is…..where does is say that mormons are going to hell in the Bible? WHo are you to judge me when you are getting paid to talk about Christ and help others??? Or the fact that you go to school and get a degree to preach to others. We actually practice what we preach. SO what is that scripture that says something to the effect of “before you point out the thorn in my eye, remove the beam from your own”
    Wow, I feel better……..

    Comment by are you serious? | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. mormon..? Would you describe it on clearly..
    It’s very interesting me…
    I’m very excited hearing this. This is my email if you want to reply me..
    Thanx you for responding 🙂

    Comment by syelviapoe3 | March 21, 2007 | Reply

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