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USPS needs a postage card

Why doesn’t the post office offer a store style “gift card”? You could go in there and buy a $25 postal card and later use it for USPS charges such as stamps, postage, or any one of the junk items they sell on the wall by the counter. My idea is to put $20 on it and send it to a relative and say here you go, here’s a USPS gift card so you can buy stamps and keep in better touch. Or maybe, here’s a USPS gift card, use it to pay for the packages you send me on my birthday and Christmas.

No really, the USPS could charge a $2.50 fee every 6 months to mange the card balance. If you use the card, no charge. Iif you don’t, USPS reduces the balance of the card every 6 months. The reason I bring this up is the USPS is always strapped for cash. Department stores love the gift cards because they charge those fees and there’s a portion of people who either loose or never use the card. That’s just pure profit for the stores. This might help USPS stay profitable and keep people coming back to them vs. going to FedEx or UPS. They could also make cash on the interest from the time they receive your money until it’s actually used to pay for something. In some ways, it could be more convenient than carrying cash or using a credit card each time you go there.

February 13, 2007 - Posted by | Money


  1. I agree. A USPS “gift card” would be great for me.

    I have a small on-line business and send out several packages a week, so I make that many trips to the Post Office. A “gift card” would be a great way for me to keep record of my mailing expenses (instead of having to log and file multiple cash receipts).

    Comment by Sierra Nomad | July 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. I just asked families/companies to donate such a card I thought it existed so that the families of the deployed military could use it to send packages to there loved ones. Oh well, guess we have to ask for VISA/MASTERCARDS.

    Comment by C Rhiel | September 11, 2008 | Reply

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