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Insurgency or Civil War?

Why do so many people keep blaming the problems in Iraq on the “insurgency”? The problems over there are due to civil war in my opinion. Let’s look at the definitions of each (as shown at and compare that to what’s actually occurring over there everyday.

Insurgency – insurrection against an existing government, usually one’s own, by a group not recognized as having the status of a belligerent.
Civil War – a war between political factions or regions within the same country.

Hmm, the daily bombings and killings in Iraq appear to be caused by Sunni’s and Shiite’s fighting against each other. Neither of them are political parties per se, they’re both religious divisions of Islam. So we could call them religious factions rather than political factions. Although they seem to fit the definition of a political party (an organization to gain political power) and do try to gain political power, I wouldn’t consider them an organization. Would you? Are Christians, Protestants, and Baptists organizations, political parties, or a religious groups? I would say they’re religious groups since they don’t run as a political party. Each person who is a member of that religion votes for whoever they want to. They don’t all vote as a party.

So if religious factions in Iraq are fighting against each other, and they are, isn’t that what a civil war is? Sure, there are attacks against the “government” from time to time, if you want to call it a government. Except for the police recruit killings and police station bombings, by and large the attacks are centered around Sunni and Shiite “neighborhoods”. Rarely do we hear about an attack directly against a government entity. And when it does happen, I would suspect it’s being done by Al-Qaeda or Iranian agents who are trying to destroy what little government there is.

Bottom line, I think this looks like a civil war.

February 12, 2007 - Posted by | Iraq, Military & War, Politics

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