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Australian President says some dumb things

Australia’s prime minister, and friend of President Bush, John Howard slammed Barack Obama on Sunday over his opposition to the Iraq war. Obama said the country’s first priority should be to end the war in Iraq. He has also introduced a bill to prevent President Bush from increasing American troop levels in Iraq, and to remove U.S. combat forces from the country by March 31, 2008.

Let’s see, prevent even more American military from going to Iraq and dying in their civil war. Sounds good to me. Also, set a timetable for troop withdrawal so the Iraqi people know they need to step-up and start defending their OWN country. Once again, sounds good to me.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who will face his own re-election bid later this year, said Obama’s proposed deadline would spell disaster for the Middle East. Is it already a disaster in the Middle East?

Howard went on to say, “I think that will just encourage those who want to completely destabilize and destroy Iraq, and create chaos and a victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for an Obama victory.” Doe Iraq already have a destabilization and chaos problem?

Howard, a staunch supporter and personal friend of Bush, has defied widespread domestic opposition to the war, keeping about 1,400 Australian troops in and around Iraq, mostly in non-combat roles. If he’s so concerned about destabilization and chaos, why doesn’t he take his 1,400 troops and increase them by about 20,000. Next he can take them and move them from their comfy NON-COMBAT ROLES and place them right in the heart of Baghdad.

“You either rat on the ally or you stay with the ally,” he said. “If it’s all right for us to go, it’s all right for the Americans and the British to go, and if everybody goes, Iraq will descend into total civil war and there’ll be a lot of bloodshed.”

Hello what planet is he on? How long will it take him to consider the fact that Iraq has ALREADY DESCENDED INTO CIVIL WAR? We know this because everyday there are more Iraqis being killed in random violent acts against each other than there are American troops being killed in combat. These random violent acts, such as car bombings, are primarily directed at Iraqis by Iraqis. That sounds like a civil war to me.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, went on to say that Howard was not in a position to be overly critical. “If Prime Minister Howard truly believes what he says, perhaps his country should find its way to contribute more than just 1,400 troops so some American troops can come home,” he said. “It’s easy to talk tough when it’s not your country or your troops making the sacrifices.”

My point exactly. Put your troop level where your comments are and put more Australian military muscle in some of the hot spots in Iraq. After all, we don’t want Iraq to descend into total civil war because then there’ll be a lot of bloodshed.

February 11, 2007 - Posted by | Iraq, Military & War, Politics

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  1. The war in Iraq is no longer about America and the war against terror. The conflict is now between Sunni and Shia. Since that dispute is hundreds of years old, 20,000 more troops won’t make a dime’s worth of difference. If the U.S. wants to fight somebody, move all the troops in Iraq to Afghanistan to root out the Taliban and find Osama. That’s why we went to the Middle East to begin with. But Bush let his personal feelings about Saddam override the realities of Iraq and allowed the US to get distracted from the primary task. Let’s get the troops out of Iraq and impeach Bush!

    Comment by Buddy Baker | February 11, 2007 | Reply

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